Public Good

The permissionless multi-signer paymaster serves as a public good, enabling ZKsync Dapps to seamlessly sponsor gas for their users through signature verification. Dapps can begin utilizing this paymaster by simply depositing funds and adding a signer address.

There are 2 primary actors involved:

  • Manager: Fully managed by the dApp, responsible for depositing/withdrawing gas funds, and adding or removing signer addresses.

  • Signers: Managed by the dApp or a trusted third party like Zyfi’s API. A signer’s signature is required to access gas funds by the dApp’s user.

Cost Implications

This paymaster model is designed with the public good in mind, implying that there are no fees for deposits, withdrawals, adding signers, or general usage of the paymaster services—especially beneficial for dApps that manage their signers internally.

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