Smart Contract Audits

At Zyfi, ensuring as much security as possible for our users stands at the core of our mission. Highlighting our dedication to security, Zyfi's smart contracts are designed to be immutable, significantly enhancing their appeal for several critical reasons:

  • Audits conducted on these smart contracts remain perpetually valid, as the contracts are unchangeable and cannot be upgraded

  • Users are relieved from the need to monitor for contract alterations that could potentially lead to fund losses or other nefarious consequences

  • Such design choice eliminates any possibility for malicious actors to alter the code, or for external pressures (or attacks) to compel a developer to implement unfavourable updates, safeguarding against both cyber and physical threats

The integrity of our smart contracts has been rigorously tested both internally and through audits. Please find here a list of the audits that we performed on Zyfi's smart contracts:

  • Cantina erc_20 paymaster and erc20_sponsored_paymaster report.

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