How to set up?

Less than 1 minute is all it takes to set up your paymaster.

There's just 1 simple step for activation: DApps deposit gas funds and add a signer address in this paymaster through Zyfi's built front-end, completing it all in a single transaction.


The depositor address of the Dapp is the 'Manager' and the added signer address is the trusted 'Signer' whose signature will be verified for sponsorship in the paymaster to use the manager’s gas funds for the user.

The Dapp’s Manager can add or remove multiple 'Signers' as per requirement.

Below diagram explains how the permissionless paymaster works with your DApp:

As a Dapp, you should have your own signer or delegate the signing part to Zyfi's API. You can easily integration Zyfi's API here.

  • A manager can have multiple signers.

  • All added signers will have access to the gas funds deposited by the manager.

  • In fact, a manager can be a signer address as well.

As a Dapp, you have nothing to handle except for funds added to the paymaster contract and any custom logic you want to apply.

Zyfi At The Rescue

This paymaster can be integrated with Zyfi API as well. There are many Dapps who do not need a backend server just for paymaster. In that scenario, a Dapp can always delegate the "signer" to the Zyfi API and make Zyfi API call based on the business requirement.

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