Case Study: Gravita

The initial integrations of Zyfi have demonstrated that a paymaster-as-a-service solution can significantly boost daily active users, as well as the volume and frequency of transactions.

Drawing on the successful integration by Gravita Protocol, one of Zyfi's early adopters, we've distilled valuable insights into effective UI practices. User demand for Paymaster is constantly increasing as it can be seen from this Dune Dashboard.


  • Wide Token Acceptance: Supports more than 80 ERC-20 tokens.

  • Transparent Fees: Users see and approve only the exact amount needed, which is available upfront, optimizing costs and security.

  • Gas Refunds: Unspent gas is refunded in the fee token it was paid in.

  • Instant Quotes: The API delivers real-time fee quotes and discounts, improving user experience.

UI and UX implementation - Overview of Best Practices

Unlock the full potential of your platform with simply crafted UI enhancements and additions:

  1. Add a tooltip with a Gas Icon and Display the Wallet Balance of the user:

    • Ensure the user's wallet and token balances are easily visible near this icon.

  2. Spotlight on Paymaster Service - Clear Indicators for Paymaster Availability:

    • Utilize eye-catching elements like colour contrasts or animations shining a spotlight on the revolutionary and cutting-edge paymaster service availability.

  3. Highlighting Savings: Unveil Discounts with Clarity

    • Clearly display any discounts on gas fees available through the paymaster service.

    • Use visual cues like percentage-off tags or highlighted text to indicate savings.

    This approach not only highlights a key advantage your protocol offers compared to competitors, but also gives users a solid reason to return and transact more, driving even more engagement with your protocol.

Additional Considerations - Optional

  • Zyfi Airdrop Participation: users executing transactions through Zyfi will receive an airdrop from the protocol. A dashboard will soon be available with more information about this program.

  • Remember User Preferences with Cookies: Utilize cookies to save user preferences for future visits - consider not displaying the "Attention-Getter" or popup again or for a certain amount of time if the user closed it previously. When a user selects a token for gas payment, store this choice so that it's pre-selected upon their return, streamlining their experience.

  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implement real-time feedback on gas fee calculations, discount and sponsoring as users select different tokens, or after they complete a transaction.

  • Documentation: you can also write your own documentation, feel free to get inspired by Gravita's one linked here.

  • Mobile: Ensure that all elements are accessible and usable, without forgetting mobile users.


In conclusion, embracing these best practices guarantees a seamless and efficient experience for users paying gas on your protocol with any ERC-20 token, including your token!

Check out our Dune Dashboard to see how much utilisation of Paymaster Services has increased over time. Consider extending the use of your token as a gas payment option to your partners and across zkSync: ZyFi works with DEXes, lending platforms, NFT marketplaces, gaming ecosystems and more.

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