Quest Dashboard

10% of the total supply will be allocated as rewards for the community with criteria defined by us. The Zyfi Quests Dashboard will be among the premier platforms closely monitored for these rewards.

1 month ago, we officially announced our Gasless Program for users and protocols with Gas Points as reward. Today, we are releasing our Quests Dashboard to help you earn more points through social tasks and via our partners where our paymaster is integrated. What are Gas Points?

In our journey towards decentralization, we implemented our own gas points program to recognize early and loyal users of our paymaster.

Our calculations are quite simple:

The more gas you spend through our paymaster, the more gas points you earn. ⛽️ Example: 0.00025 ETH = 100 points

As you're aware, the gas amount is not related to the volume of your transaction. That's why we can attribute gas points to those who truly use our services daily and recurrently, rather than to those who make a one-time swap on our frontend and never return.

In a nutshell, these gas points are here to reward real users who use our services.

How does this Quest Dashboard work?

This Quest Dashboard gives you the chance to earn gas points through 3 methods.

  • Through our social tasks. Following us on Twitter and joining our Discord are one-time tasks that earn you these points. These tasks are very important to us and will be monitored throughout the entire quest dashboard campaign.

  • Use our paymaster in our dApps partners. Zerolend, Gravita, and Hue NFT are just a few examples of our partners. When you use our paymaster in their apps, you earn gas points.

  • The referral program. For every friend you refer, you will receive 10% of their points added to your balance. Every referee will also receive an extra 5% of their own points as a bonus.

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