Project Incentive Program

Ahead of the release and distribution of its governance token, Zyfi is incentivizing both protocols and users through the Gasless Program. Enjoy a New DeFi Experience with Zyfi.

Unlocking Growth and Engagement

Protocols integrating Zyfi receive, before of TGE, incentives based on the gas spent through their Dapp on each calendar month. This mechanism is designed to reward protocols that generate the highest transaction volumes and utilize our paymaster solutions the most to improve user experiences. This allocation is determined by the transaction volume each Dapp generates on the Zyfi platform within each calendar month. Here's how it works:

  1. Determine Monthly Gas Spent for Each Dapp: The first step involves calculating the total transaction volume (in terms of gas spent or used) generated by each Dapp that has integrated Zyfi over the course of a calendar month.

  2. Calculate Total Platform Transaction Gas Spent

  3. Determine Each Dapp's Proportional Share

  4. Allocate Tokens Based on Proportional Share: Finally, the total amount of tokens set aside for the allocation is distributed to the Dapps in accordance with their proportional share of gas spent. A Dapp that has consumed more gas will receive a correspondingly larger share of the airdrop tokens.

This procedure ensures that the allocation of governance tokens is equitable and directly tied to the activity level each Dapp contributes to the Zyfi ecosystem. It motivates Dapps to amplify their transactions via the Zyfi paymaster, directly impacting their allocation of governance tokens.

A dashboard will soon be accessible for protocols to oversee their gas consumption in real time and project their potential rewards.

Why Integrate Zyfi's Paymaster Solution?

Zyfi, crafted by Ondefy Labs, is a Paymaster-as-a-Service solution, allowing your users to pay gas fees with any ERC-20 token.

  • Expand your audience, boost your engagement, retention and volume: the flexibility in gas fee payments and the fee sponsorships directly contributes to higher transaction volumes and sustained user engagement. Native AA on zkSync is designed to captivate to a broad user-base.

  • Join a Rewarding Ecosystem: The Gasless Program extends beyond Dapps incentives, rewarding also users.

  • Transparent Fee Structure: Zyfi’s upfront fee disclosure and exact paymaster allowance system not only optimize gas expenditures but also build trust with your users. Gas Fee Refunds on zkSync are handled in the same ERC-20 that was used for payment.

  • Focus on Security: With smart contracts that are audited, immutable, and verified, integrating Zyfi provides your Dapp with a foundation of trust and security. This not only reassures users about the safety of their transactions but also enhances the overall credibility of your platform.

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